Millíní Music hosts a rich variety of Classes and nightly Recitals & Sessions

Daily Music Classes

Mixed instrument classes focussing on core elements of playing Irish music. These classes are given by Conal Ó Gráda. As well as building repertoire you will also learn how to think differently about learning tunes. The odd outrageous anecdote will probably feature as well as many diversionary though relevant asides on the history, styles and leading exponents of Irish music. Notation & Recordings will be provided and you will learn a unique approach to learning by ear.

Instrument Specific Workshops

These will be run twice during the week for each instrument. The classes will be given by a guest Master Musician and will focus on instrument specific technique and challenges. Guest teachers will be selected to reflect the mix of instruments played by the attendee's.


Each night one of our guest musicians will give a recital and talk about their music. This is a unique opportunity to hear the traditions top players perform in an intimate friendly setting. The recitals are followed by a slow paced session where everyone gets a chance to join in. The video here is of Cáitlín NicGabhann in mesmerising form on concertina

Something Different

Throughout the week there will be a series of fun, one-off workshops. These will include Irish Language, Singing, Dancing, Bodhrán (drums provided) and even making St Brigids Crosses from rushes. While great fun you will also learn about other aspects of the tradition and their place within the wider cultural setting

NEW FOR 2019

The show Nóta Stóta will perform for our guests at our local theatre. This show draws its inspiration from music, puppetry and folklore. The following day you will do a workshop with its creators and learn how the show was developed